Skin Success Stories


I get more compliments now, when I’m not wearing make-up, than I did before with the make-up on!

A picture tells a thousand words, and the camera on Tracy?s phone told the real story of her aging skin. Tracy began to see the dark spots on the sides and the front of her face in photos that she would take with her six year old daughter. She felt her skin was papery, her pores looked huge and her sun damage was becoming more evident every day. She wanted to keep up with the younger moms when attending her daughter?s school and extracurricular activities, they were in their 30s, she was in her 40s.

Tracy chose the Fraxel DUAL as her solution. ?After doing a lot of research, it’s really the only company that shows before and after, and it didn’t promise these crazy, exotic results. Fraxel showed patients — actual patients, not just models and actresses speaking about a treatment they probably never had. It was very authentic, and they seemed to have realistic results. I wanted to look my age, just really good and without a lot of sun damage.?

Tracy always maintained a healthy lifestyle and only wore make-up on occasion. Now, after just one Fraxel treatment, her friends tell her she looks really good, ?I had never, ever, ever received compliments on my skin before — and now I do almost daily.? Tracy now feels like her outside matches how she feels on the inside. She ventures out without make-up on a regular basis. ?I get more compliments when I’m not wearing make-up and I just have sunscreen on than I did before with the make-up on, and I love that.?

Thermage Skin Tightening*

Pat R. 65
?My skin is firm, youthful and revitalized!?

I certainly love being a Grandma but I was very upset when I started to look like one. My years of sun worshipping in my teens, 20?s, and even longer have certainly caught up with me, leaving brown spots and discoloration all over my face, neck, and chest. To make matter worse, my skin is starting to sag in those areas too? With each passing year these problems have become more and more visible, and I?ve become more and more upset.

My sister sent me an article about non-invasive skin renewing procedures and I immediately started looking into local skin care centers. After careful research I went to Naomi Fenlin for a free consultation. I met with Naomi Fenlin and we discussed what treatments would be best for my skin and my concerns. She recommended a ?ThermaFrax? treatment program that combined the benefits of both Thermage (skin tightening) and Fraxel (gets rid of brown-spots and coarse texture).

After the treatment I saw dramatic improvements to the tone and texture of my skin, as well as reduction in my brown spots. Now, after my final results are visible (it can take up to 6 months for the full results of Thermage to manifest), my skin is firm, youthful and revitalized. NO more ?old? Grandma here, and I couldn?t be happier!

*Individual results may vary.

Fraxel Skin Resurfacing*

Gloria E. 45
?Fraxel made me look younger and natural!?

I had never heard of a Fraxel laser before, but one of my friends all of a sudden started looking younger and younger before my eyes, with no tell-tale signs of surgery. I could tell she wanted to keep her beauty secrets to herself, but after some prodding she finally spilled the beans, and I called About Face SkinCare that afternoon.

Naomi administered three Fraxel laser treatments to my face, and it is pleasantly surprising everyday to witness the results. I am 45 years old, and my age spots are gone, in addition to my fine lines and wrinkles. I don?t pretend to understand how it truly works, but after these treatments my overall skin tone seems tighter and smoother, and did I mention it all looks 100% natural? (I hate that fake, non-human looking way that some celebrities, and some over-zealous cosmetic-surgery zealots look after one too many treatment.)

I am so happy with my results, and I am glad to share my experiences with as many people as possible. My daughters are all going now to get their sun damage lasered off. Lasers to stay beautiful kind of seems like a science-fiction concept, but, it exists, it works, and it delivers the best anti-aging results I have ever seen.

*Individual results may vary.